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2021/2022 Grants

As of November 2022


Courtesy of:

  • Infrastructure Canada CoVid-19 Resilience ($306,000)


Completed Projects

  • Installation of new birch wallboard and insulation in the rink walls that face the outside. 


Still to Come

  • New natural gas dehumidifier to replace our workhorse electric one that’s served us well over the years. With the new one we’ll be able to control humidity down to the ideal 45-50% levels instead of our typical 75% readings we used to in the winter. It is currently expected to be shipped in December 2022
  • That funny looking white tunnel above your head on the ice surface will be used to distribute the air more evenly, and remove humidity. The old dehumidifier is expected to be removed Summer 2023

Courtesy of:

  • BC Community Gaming Capital Gaming Grant ($114,000) and a 
  • Powell River Community Forest grant ($53,000)
  • Our reserve funds ($60,000) – your capital assessment fee is used to restore these reserve funds

Completed Projects

  • Exterior Siding – front and side walls replaced with metal panels with 40-year materials warranty. Nelson also added metal roof to our side entrance
  • Solar Panels Grid-Tie – 120 solar panels installed on the roof to reduce plant running costs with summer time energy credits


Still to Come

  • Security Fencing and Gates for Parking Lot and paved area at back, and potential for adding security cameras to protect against graffiti [to be awarded]
  • Art Mural(s) for parking lot wall [to be awarded]


Volunteer Projects

  • New interior highlight wall in the side lobby entrance, made from pieces of our original cedar siding in tribute to the volunteer work done by founders and to Community Forest, for funding. Thanks to Barrie Phillips, Marlene Hall, Lorna Downie and Chris Hearder (as well as Bill Hunter’s planer) for their work on this.
  • Drainage trench and downspouts connected by Chris Hearder and Bill Hunter
  • Club Entrance Sign re-erected by Chris Hearder and Bill Hunter
  • Lighting at back of parking lot and overhead sign installed by Bill Hunter

Our Supporters 2023/24

Contact for information about supporting the club with advertising on the ice or with signage inside the rink.

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