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League Registration 2022/23

We use Curling Canada’s registration system to manage our fees and registrations.


Please use to register now.


You can pay by Credit Card – but it’ll reduce our costs if you pick the Cash/Cheque option – which includes e-transfer as well. The Cash/Cheque/e-transfer option also allows you to make two equal payments – one now and another by October 31.

Payment Options From your Shopping Card:


1) cheque(s) - drop off using club's mail slot, or, 


2)  Interac e-transfer(s) - pay via your online banking e-transfer

We have auto deposit (no password needed)



3) You can pay by credit card online

League Rates for first 21-week league are:

  • $300 evening leagues,
  • $270 daytime leagues.


We also offer ½ season rates for these leagues


Friday Night Fun and Saturday Stick Leagues are 18 weeks long at $225/season or $95 for 6-week trial


Multiple leagues are discounted at 35% for second league and 70% for third league.


Rates are almost identical to last year, but we’re adding GST, Curl Canada and CurlBC affiliations separately.


As usual the $60 Capital Assessment Fee is added to help us replenish our Reserve Funds after the many Capital Projects completed in last 4 years.

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Purposes of the Society:


(a) To operate a curling club in the City of Powell River in the Province of British Columbia;
(b) To promote the sport of curling as a lifetime recreational activity in the community;
(c) To provide various recreational, educational, social and/or other activities deemed to be beneficial to the curling club and community.



Want to Try Curling or Join a League, or just give it a try? Give us a call or send us an email.

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