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League Registration 2022/23

2022/23 Registration is now open ....

For the first time, we’re going to use Curling Canada’s registration system to manage our fees and registrations


Please use to register now.


You can still pay by Credit Card – but it’ll reduce our costs if you pick the Cash/Cheque option – which includes e-transfer as well. The Cash/Cheque/e-transfer option also allows you to make two equal payments – one now and another by October 31.

Payment Options From your Shopping Card:


1) cheque(s) - drop off using club's mail slot, or, 


2)  Interac e-transfer(s) - pay via your online banking e-transfer

We have auto deposit (no password needed)



3) You can pay by credit card online

League Rates for first 21-week league are:

  • $300 evening leagues,
  • $270 daytime leagues.


We also offer ½ season rates for these leagues


Friday Night Fun and Saturday Stick Leagues are 18 weeks long at $225/season or $95 for 6-week trial


Multiple leagues are discounted at 35% for second league and 70% for third league.


Rates are almost identical to last year, but we’re adding GST, Curl Canada and CurlBC affiliations separately.


As usual the $60 Capital Assessment Fee is added to help us replenish our Reserve Funds after the many Capital Projects completed in last 4 years.

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Want to Try Curling or Join a League, or just give it a try? Give us a call or send us an email.

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