Saturday Night Sticks 'N Stones 

Brand New in Fall 2019 - Stick or Slide Curling 2 person teams

Saturdays 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM


NO Sweeping Between Hog Lines, 6 ends, 6 rocks, 2 curlers/team


A GREAT way to get back into curling or try something new - work on your strategy as a skip. Games are faster - yet you actually deliver more rocks (18) than a traditional 8 end game (16).

  • Two persons per team (open: men, women, mixed)
  • Each curler is a skip from one end of the rink
  • Each curler delivers 6 rocks from their end
  • Six ends per game with a tie-breaker format
  • Curlers can choose to deliver the rock by using a delivery stick (no bending) or traditional slide


The Club provides delivery sticks and/or head protection options use for no charge during league play.


Register now for an introductory 6 week session ($55),

or sign up for the year ($150)

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